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Meet acceler8 HQ, a system and team assembled specifically to build scalable educational platforms.
Our mission is to "help others impact their communities by sharing their experiences and expertise."

Joshua Webb, Instructional Design Consultant

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What Is Stopping You From Creating Your New Course & Coaching Program?

Which business model is right for your course?

Is organizing all your thoughts into a course curriculum frustrating?

Video Shooting and editing taking over?

Is building out your course platform overwhelming?

We take you through our step-by-step process from start to finish.

Choosing the right business model to best monetize your market.

Creating your curriculum architecture and helping you write your lessons.

Our mobile video studio coming to you and helping you shoot & edit your videos.

Building out your entire online course website and learning platform with all your content ready to on-board your first students.

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Can I Make Money With My Educational Program?

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Our Process and Framework Takes The Pressure Off You So You Can Focus On Making An Impact.


Let's Get Acquainted

  • If your application is selected we will reach out with next steps.

  • Once on board we will get to know all about your business and goals.

  • A project proposal will go out to you for your review.

  • Next we will schedule your project for kick off.


Dive Into Your Concept

  • We will work with you to assess your educational business model.

  • Interview you and your core team to understand what you're trying to teach.

  • Create the base outline structure for your new curriculum/program.

  • Study the current company branding and asses if it will work with your program.


Understand The Landscape

  • We will take a look at the competitive landscape.

  • Break down the anatomy of similar courses and programs.

  • Prepare our recomendations for your curriculum based on what we find.

  • Establish a unique educational position to set you apart in your market.


Present The Plan

  • We will present our findings from our research.

  • Present our course / program recomendations

  • Discuss your tech and software needs.

  • Establish an overal archetecure for your online educational platform.

  • Once the outline and archetecture are accepted we will move into production.


Curriculum & Creative

  • Taking our outline & research, we will work with you to build out your program.

  • Module by module and class by class, we will work together.

  • Craft engaging powerpoint presentations for each class.

  • Create educational assets and homeworks to engage your students.

  • Craft branding and marketing assets to help you sell your program.


Platform Development

  • Development starts on your Learning Portal.

  • Profile based student platform setup.

  • Membership and Subscription setup

  • Quiz System and Certification setup

  • Note Taking System setup for your students

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Platform Testing & Course Launch

  • Beta Test Your Learning Portal

  • Beta Test Your Coaching Platform

  • Exit Interview Our Testers & Make Modifications

  • Launch Your New Educational Platform To The Public

  • Start Working On Our Student Acquisition Funnels


Launch Your New Program By Leaving Your Comfort Zone & Stepping Towards Your Goal.


Clients Say

With more than 15 years of helping our clients succeed, check what some have to say about us.


Joshua is an amazing business professional who is truly about helping others around him grow! I’m glad to be a part of the acceler8 HQ family!


acceler8 HQ is helping me develop my bookkeeping educational program for Hispanic business owners. They were able to help me build a brand, create a curriculum, set up a studio in my office, and help me create my content. They even built me my very own website for my students to watch their classes. They took the pain out of such a large project.

Personal Branding - Growthli

I worked with acceler8 HQ on developing my professional harp coaching business, Harpli. While I had the knowledge, I was not sure how to break it down, organize it in a way that makes sense, and present it to my students in a format they could consume. As I shared the topics I wanted to cover, Joshua showed me how to take those scattered ideas and turn them into a cohesive curriculum. He also helped set up all my visuals and the workings of the membership website. My clients have often commented how much they like the Learning Portal and how easy the lessons are to watch and implement. That is definitely thanks to acceler8 HQ's help.


Joshua Webb with acceler8 HQ is a fantastic strategist who has the ability to see the potential of all the pieces of your business and ways to make them work in synchronicity. His work on helping us develop the curriculum for our upcoming course has made it easy to determine what we need to do and the easiest way to do it.


Joshua’s keen business sense and his ability to create products, programming, and systems makes him second to none. I HIGHLY recommend you work with acceler8 HQ on your next online course or coaching program.



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